Sweet Grass Pure Lavender Candle

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If you haven't tried our pure soy wax candles than you are in for a treat! Unlike parafin candles, (which are made from petroleum), our soy wax candles come direct from soy beans. They burn much longer than paraffin and they burn much much cleaner, leaving no black soot on your walls.

If you're not familiar with soy wax, you should be. It is much healthier for you--typical paraffin candles release toxins and lots of that black soot that you find on your ceilings and walls. These burn cleaner, longer, and what's best--they are made from 100% USA grown soybeans. A renewable resource! Of course, per usual, we've used a lot of fragrance in these candles, so you get a great long lasting scent-sation!                                 

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