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Zeb's Charitable Fund

Mission Statement for ZCF

Zeb’s General Store Charitable Fund (ZCF) will make contributions to organizations that seek to improve the welfare of children in the Mt. Washington Valley. Such organizations should have a non profit status, although this is not a requirement for being a recipient of the fund. For purposes of definition, The Mt. Washington Valley includes the towns of Eaton, Madison, the Conways, Bartlett and Jackson. Children are defined as between the ages of 5 and 16.

Operating Procedures

Zeb’s General Store will make every effort to make an annual contribution to the fund. Such contributions will typically take place in the month of December. The amount and timing of the contribution is entirely at the discretion of the owners of Zeb’s General Store. It is hoped that Zeb’s General Store can contribute $10,000 per year to the fund for the foreseeable future to allow the fund to grow its asset base. This amount may be less and is, again, at the discretion of the owners of the store.

All monies of the fund will be segregated in an interest bearing savings account in the name of ZCF. The fund will be the property of Zeb’s General Store until such time as the “fund advisors” (see below) determine that the fund is of a size that warrants applying for a non profit status, whereupon the fund will be a separate corporate entity.

All decisions regarding grants will be made by the owners of Zeb’s General Store. Zeb’s General Store will, at its discretion, select advisors to sit on an advisory board for the fund and make all decisions regarding making grants to those entities who have applied for grants from the fund.

ZCF will solicit applications for grants from the fund. All grants must be in writing (electronic submissions are acceptable) and contain the information requested. Decisions for grants will be made in the months of December and June of each calendar year. All grant requests must be received not later than November 30 and May 30 for consideration at each these semi-annual decision dates.  Grant requests rejected will not be carried over to subsequent grant periods unless the grantee is advised of such decision. 

The grants from the ZCF will not exceed more than 60% of principal in any one year. It is hoped that the assets of the ZCF will grow each year through contributions and investment income such that the annual awards can become larger and increase in number. The goal at the early stage of the fund is to grow the assets of the fund. Contributions by individuals or other entities to the fund will be welcome but not solicited.

Copies of this Mission Statement and Grant Application Form will be available at the Zeb’s General Store and on the Zeb’s website.

All applicants, who are successful recipients of a grant from Zeb's Charitable Fund, are required to acknowledge receipt of the gift, in writing, within 60 days of receipt of the funds. Failure to acknowledge may result in the forfeiture of the grant. Any public announcements, such as a letter to the editor in the local papers, etc. would be most welcome.

Summary of Contributions


New England Ski Museum - $5,000

North Conway Community Center - $10,000

Conway Humane Society $2,500

Children's Unlimited - $1920

VNA - $1,500

Memorial Hospital - $2,000

Mt. Washington Valley Riders Scholarship Fund - $2,000

Conway School District Scoreboard Project - $1,500

Kismet Rock Foundation - $1,000


Mountain Top Music Center - $4,000

North Conway Community Center - $10,000

New England Ski Museum - $5,000

Eastern Slope Ski club - $5,000

Visiting Nurse Home Care & Hospice of Carroll County - $3,000

Memorial Hospital - Population Health - $2,000

Children's Unlimited - $2,000

Laura Mahoney Autism Foundation - $2,000

North Conway Children's Museum - $1,000

Mt. Washington Valley Riders Scholarship Fund - $2,000


Mt. Washington Valley Riders Scholarship Fund - $2,000

MWV Children's Museum - $1,600

White Mountain Community Health Center - $2,000

Laura Foundation - $500

North Conway Community Center - $10,000

Mt. Washington Valley Masonic Angel Fund - $1,000

Bartlett Community Pre School - $1,500

Ability Plus Adaptive Sports - $2,000

Conway Area Humane Society - $2,000

MWVEC Science Fair - $1,000


White Mountain Waldorf School $2,500

Mount Washington Valley Youth Hockey $2,000

North Conway Community Center $10,000

Starting Point $5,000


Starting Point $5,000

Mt. Washington Valley Children's Museum $1,500
Mt. Washington Habitat For Humanity - $500

White Mountain Community Health Center - $2,000
The Kiwanis Club - $500

Starting Point - $1,000
The Laura Foundation for Autism and Epilepsy - $500
Mt. Washington Valley Masonic Angel Fund - $1,000

White Mountain Community Health Center - $3,000
Starting Point - $1,000
Bartlett Pre School - $700
The Mt. Washington Valley Children's Museum - $2,000
The Laura Foundation for Autism and & Epilepsy - $1,000

Project SUCCEED $2,500.

Conway Area Humane Society - $1,500
Tin Mountain Conservation Center - $1,500
Starting Point - $2,000

Starting Point - $2,000
Masonic Angel Fund - $2,000

Kennett High School JAG Program - $1,500
White Mountain Community Center - $1,500
Mt. Washington School to Career - $500
Jen's Friends - $500
Children Unlimited - $2,000

Grant Applications

All grant requests must be submitted by December 31 for consideration by the ZCF Board of Advisors in its February meeting. All grant requests must be submitted by June 30 for consideration by the ZCF Board of Advisors in its August meeting. Awards from the fund will be made not later than March 30 and September 30 for those applicants approved during the bi-annul submission periods.

The Request Form must be presented to shop@zebs.com or by mail to the attention of Peter Edwards or David Peterson. The application must not be longer than three pages (excludes supporting materials).

The application will contain information for the following categories. The application will be rejected if the information is incomplete.

Date of Application:
Name of Organization:
Contact Person(s) name, address, phone number and email address:
Names of officers and members of the board for the organization:
IRS Status:
Amount Requested:
Description of Organization:
Description of Purpose/Program/Project for which grant is requested:
Have other applications been made for this, if so, from where?
Project or program budget if applicable:
List of supporting materials

Mission Statement and Request Form PDF format