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Sleigh Bells & Holiday


When I think of winter in New Hampshire I tend to think of the old days when the Snow Train visitors would arrive at the train station in the heart of North Conway. Once off the train, the visitors would see the line of horse drawn sleighs waiting to take them to a romantic North Conway inn. Imagine being that guest hopping into the sleigh wrapped up in a hand-made quilt and your driver calling on the horse team to pull you away. Now listen carefully...what do you hear? Why sleigh bells attached to the horses of course. You can hear that same sound today with these hand crafted sleigh bells from Zeb's General Store. These sleigh bells are handcrafted right here in New Hampshire and are made of solid brass and attached to heavy duty, quality leather straps. We offer various size bells and sets ranging from two bells to 13 sleigh bells. These bells can still be attached to horses but they can also be used for a variety of uses including attaching to your dog, the door of your home or even as Christmas ornaments.

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