Cue Culture North Carolina Vinegar BBQ Sauce (12 oz.)

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 About the sauce: The Carolina Vinegar Sauce is a traditional Eastern North Carolina barbeque sauce using cider vinegar, brown sugar, pureed onions and a tomato paste as its base. A taste of the south in New England, this sauce is the perfect addition when you want to make a southern inspired flavored pulled pork! 


About the business: Reimagining how you do BBQ is the passion behind founder Wayne Tuohey’s “Cue Culture”. Drawing inspiration from his travels, this unique line of sauces and dry spices incorporate Texas flair, southern sweetness, and Jamaican heat. If you’re looking for a product that uses the freshest, most quality ingredients look no further. Considered a staple pantry item here at Zeb’s, we are proud to offer our customers the delicious and sometimes surprising flavors of Cue Culture!



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